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Himalaya Ashish

Machine learning Engineer . Data Science Professional

Himalaya Ashish
32 years old
Professional Status
About Me
Machine Learning Engineer skilled in Machine learning, Data science, deep learning, computer vision, NLP with total 8 years of experience.

For more details, check my online resume :
  • Designed and implemented system software and application software that records audio and video data in auto start mode.Managed auto transfer mechanism from physical device to AWS S3 bucket.Implemented deep neural networks like CNN to analyzes and classifies raw video data into Pleasure, Anger, Surprise,Sadness and Neutral categories while driving the car. This application is being used to capture the driving experience for test drives of Automobile industry.

    Algorithms :- Neural networks, Classification.
    Skills :- Python, Machine learning, Neural networks, Open-CV,TensorFlow, Keras, Image processing, CNN, ANN.
    Platform :- AWS
  • Leveraged deep learning algorithms like CNN and computer vision techniques like open-CV to record and classify the productive hours of medical manufacturing industry. Design and implement neural network based system which will classify the medical instruments and productive hours of employees. This application is used to maintain the shift roster and total working hours.

    Algorithms :- Neural networks , CNN, ANN, Open-CV
    Skills :- Python , deep learning, Flask, docker.
    Platform :- Azure and AWS
  • Leveraged deep learning algorithms like CNN and ANN for standalone products for medical industry. Design and implement neural network based system which will classify the X-rays and CT scans images. This application is used to route the patient to right doctors.

    Algorithms :- Neural networks ,CNN, ANN
    Skills :- Python , deep learning, Flask, docker.
    Platform :- Azure and AWS
  • Implemented and evaluated machine learning algorithms for retail industries. Transformed raw data from structure, semi-structure and unstructured data sources to conform to assumptions of machine learning algorithm. Designed and implemented data engineering pipeline in containerized environment.

    Algorithms :- Classification, Regression.
    Skills :- Python, Docker, Logistic regression, Decision tree,Naive bayse, Flask, Docker, Mysql
    Platform :- Azure
  • Designed and developed end to end machine learning NLP solution to enhance the FAQ section of Hotel industry. Developed the data transfer mechanism to ship text data from NoSQL source to hive. Generated reports for review text data.

    Algorithms :- NLP, Word embedding, Text analytics.
    Skills :- Python, NLP, Bag of words, tf-idf, word2vec, MongoDB, hive.
    Platform :- Baremetal
  • Implemented machine learning solution for resume ranking. Based on the similarity matrix of the text data this application will recommend top N candidates for the relevant position and skillsets.

    Algorithms :- NLP, bag of words, tf-idf
    Skills :- Python, NLP, Bag of words, tf-idf, mysql, hive.
    Platform :- Baremetal
  • Responsible for creation and maintenance of Datalake using Python, Hadoop, Hive, HDFS,Apache Nifi, Mongo DB, Cassandra. Primarily responsible for data migration.
    Create monitoring and auto alert mechanism to avoid the outage.

    Skills:- Hadoop, Hive, HDFS, Python, SQOOP, MongoDB, Sqlserver, Mysql.
    Platform :- Baremetal
  • Applied regression technique to predict numbers of alerts. This application is used by the higher management to avoid the outages.

    Algorithms:- Regression
    Skills :- Python, Hive, Hadoop.
    Platform :- Baremetal
  • Designed data pipeline for ETL using python, Mysql, Mongo DB, NiFi to pull data to Hadoop infrastructure.
  • Primarily responsible for Data migration. Design and implement data pipeline system form relational data base and non relational data source to Hadoop environment. Developed jobs for schedule data transfer. Automate database backup and restore mechanism.

    Skills :- SQL server, hive, SSMS, Sql agent.
    Platform :- Windows servers.